Chat chat – Gianh river specialty

Chat chat –Gianh river speciality (Phu Hoa commune-Quang Trach district-Quang Binh)

Chat Chat  is taken carefully washing, exposed to dry then cook in boiling water and drop Chat Chat into.Put less salt,use chopsticks to stir several times. Hot water will crack Chat Chat ‘shell. Water of Chat Chat after cooking can eat soup with rice, add salt and chili, ginger, you will feel sweet.


Get the pancake on Chat Chat dish,use chopsticks to pick  aromatic vegetables and  put into your mouth.Eating slowly to enjoy the crisp of pancakes ,flavor of sesame,a little spicy  of chili,a little sour of eggplant,a little flavor of scallions…and feeling like the universe is located on the palate.

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