Cuisine – speciality

June acetes paste


In June, acetes, a kind of small marine shrimp, have a beautiful crimson color and high nutritious quality. While strongly-salted acetes paste can be kept for years and used as a spice, slightly-salted acetes paste served with star fruit makes a tasty sour-sweet dish. The paste is also served with rice or rice vermicelli, egg-plant

Chat chat – Gianh river specialty


Chat chat –Gianh river speciality (Phu Hoa commune-Quang Trach district-Quang Binh) Chat Chat  is taken carefully washing, exposed to dry then cook in boiling water and drop Chat Chat into.Put less salt,use chopsticks to stir several times. Hot water will crack Chat Chat ‘shell. Water of Chat Chat after cooking can eat soup with rice,

Quang Hoa’s Rice Cake


Type of Xeo pancake with red rice, prominent patterns are simple but must be accompanied by dishes: banana fish, salad, raw vegetables, rice paper and sauce. Salad dish including raw bean sprout , safe vegetables and sesame. Red rice, brown rice which are used to make Xeo  pancake) soaked in water for about 5 hours

“Bot loc” cake


“Bot loc” cake is known as a simple gift, easy to eat, less to be tired. The cake is transparent and features shrimp meat inside. Quang Binh“ Bot loc” cake must be accompanied with Quang Binh delicious fish sauce, some hot chilli slices making you unforgotten.

Quan Hau Oyster


Quan Hau has become famous for its many oyster dishes, including oyster soup, stir-fried oyster (eat with rice paper), sour soup or roasted oysters with onion. Only oysters in the river flowing through this town are white, sweeter in taste and have more nutrients than others. Oyster soup is the most favorite dish of many

Dong Hoi Khoai Cake


“Khoai” cake is one of the special Dong Hoi dishes. It somewhat resembles a taco. It features a crispy and greasy flat cake which is filled with shrimp, pork, bean sprouts and accompanied by dips made e.g. from peanut or pork liver.