Quang Hoa’s Rice Cake

Type of Xeo pancake with red rice, prominent patterns are simple but must be accompanied by dishes: banana fish, salad, raw vegetables, rice paper and sauce.

Salad dish including raw bean sprout , safe vegetables and sesame. Red rice, brown rice which are used to make Xeo  pancake) soaked in water for about 5 hours and  bring milled, water and rice are put into the miller  to grind. Milled rice is 2 times for smooth
Grinding is done, put some salt, onion chopped into the bowl of rice flour. The mold is made by Quang Hoa’s man, the mouth of the mold is larger than the bowl a little bit, thin face, about 1.5 cm high, flat bottom. Kitchen can be coated ​​a lot of mold at  one time. when you make pancake, you must be notice the fire, at that time pancake are hatching up, with the pattern. When  the mold was hot, using spoon or banana leaf (grease soaked) scrub the mold bottom and then draw some rice flour coating, turn to do so.

Holding piece of pancake in your hand, you will feel delicious taste.

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